Welcome To The Farm
Where the goal is to supply our local communities with affordable, hand grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, spices, honey, tilapia, cheeses, quail, breads, therapeuticals and kitchen pantry staples. Through the development of our special products line, we hope to employ many, local community residents. At SomerLand on Glenn Herring Farms we strive to utilize as many self sustaining farming practices as possible. The farm's State-Of-The-Art Hydroponic system sets up a nitrogen based cycle between our fish house and green house. In addition, our new fruit orchard also benefits from this cycle. Our water demand is curbed through the use of drip irrigation, rain harvesting and proper mulching techniques. All organic material is recycled through various compost heaps distributed throughout the property.
Our Products
High Quality, Hand Grown Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Berries, Nuts, Cheeses, Butter, Tilapia, Cage Free Eggs, Quail, Breads, Herbs, Spices, Honey and our famous Knox County Melons! Our Special Products line includes Gourmet Pickles, Ghirdinair, Relishes, Salsas, Jellies and Preserves, Pickled Okra, Pickled Eggs, Pickled Asparagus, Lotions/Soaps, Therapeuticals & much, much more.
Agro News
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